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*additional charge may apply due to extreme length and density
*prices subject to change without notice



Senior /Associate/Apprentice

Women's Haircut & Blowout           $60/$49/$40

  (includes flat iron or curls)


​Men's Haircut                                    $31/$25/$20

Shampoo & Blowout                        $40/$40/$35

(includes flat iron or curls)


Kids (12 and under)

Girls                                                     $45/$40/$30

Boys                                                    $30/$25/$20



Senior /Associate /Apprentice

Single Process Touch Up*                            $78+/$66+/$40

Single Process

with ends refreshed*           (above shoulder)             $35+/$35+/$35+

                                                                 (below shoulder)          $45+/$45+/$45+

Double Process*                                            $150/$120+/$75+

Toner/Gloss/Color Balancing*     

                                              (above shoulder)               $35+/$35+/$35+

                                                                 (below shoulder)          $45+/$45+/$45+


Root Smudge                                                   $55+/$55+/$40+

Quadraplex Add On                                        $25/$25/$25
Quadraplex Treatment                                   $35/$35/$35

Highlighting with traditional foils*

Full foil                                                              $150+/$120+/$85+

Partial foil                                                         $115+/$92+/$70+

Halo foil                                                            $70+/$56+/$40+
Single foil                                                    $40+/$32+/25+

Customized Lightening Techniques*



Full (First time/after 6 months)                        $220+/$185+/$140+
Partial (First time/after 6 months)                   $185+/$148+/$

Full (Touch up/6 months or less)                     $185+/$152+/$130+

Partial (Touch up/6 months or less)                $155+/$130+/$85+

*$35 additional charge for each additional bowl of color mixed


Senior Stylist- 5+ years experience, continuing advanced education, a master at their craft


Associate Stylist- 3+ years experience, ongoing continuing education, all services checked by owners at end of the appointment


Apprentice-1 year experience, ongoing continuing education, works side by side with senior stylists and owners, each appointment consults with owner, stylist and client before services begin and all services are checked by owners at end of the appointment

Princess Braid
HALO Glam Squad Services

Formal Styling                                                 $100

(all up/half head/entire head curled)

Bride Formal Styling                                      $125

Formal Styling Trial                                        $75


Eyebrow         $22
Lip                   $18

Chin                $15
Cheek             $15
Underarms    $35

Bikini              $45

Additional Services

Matrix Optismooth Straightening Treatment   

                                                   cold treatment  $350+

                                                    hot treatment  $450+

 Keratin Smoothing Treatment                          $300+

Keratin Express Blowout                                      $150+

             Keratin-KC Texture for curly hair                         $200+

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